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We produce enough food to feed 7 billion people, however...
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LiveWell for LIFE plays a key role in the European sustainable diets debate. The project looks at health, nutrition, carbon and affordability and demonstrates how low-carbon, healthy diets can help us achieve a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from the EU food supply chain.

LiveWell where we work
The project contributes to this long term vision by demonstrating what sustainable diets look like for EU Member States, facilitating a conducive policy environment, developing tangible pathways for implementation of sustainable diets and disseminating this widely across Europe. This ground-breaking project works with the Network of European Food Stakeholders - key stakeholders from the food supply chain and EU and national policy makers to ensure sustainable diets forms part of a future policy agenda.

LiveWell progress

LiveWell for LIFE and the Network of European Food Stakeholder have determined the viability of the LiveWell Plate – a tool to define country specific sustainable diets – by testing and evaluating the tool in three pilot countries: Spain, France and Sweden. LiveWell for LIFE and the network have also identified the key social and economic opportunities and barriers for adopting sustainable diets across Europe. Going forward, stakeholders – with the support of LiveWell for LIFE – will use these findings to build a foundation for change and develop EU public policy options and pathways for practical implementation of sustainable diets in Spain, France and Sweden and across the EU.

The project is funded through the EU’s LIFE Programme for the Environment and will be implemented over three years (2011-2014) by WWF (WWF-UK, WWF European Policy Office ) and Friends of Europe.