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September 1st 2014

Laura Raccio © WWF-UK

Laura Raccio

As the summer reaches to an end, the LiveWell team is happily looking forward to a busy autumn. We will be preparing for the LiveWell final conference, which will take place in Brussels on December 11 2014. There, we will present our recipe for the adoption of sustainable diets at EU and national level: LiveWell final recommendations report.

What’s happened this past month?

Our first-ever Tweet chat, A guide to a healthy sustainable life: How to adopt the LiveWell diet in six steps, has brought us over 100 more followers on @LiveWellFood. Once again, we’d like to express our gratitude to all our supporters, who have shown a huge appetite for change.

LiveWell colourful shopping guide to a healthy sustainable life reached Dorset for Camp Bestival, where Duncan Williamson, WWF-UK Food Policy Manager, presented the LiveWell principles and explained the environmental impacts of the current food system at the Guardian Literary Institute.

What’s next?

LiveWell will be part of Woking food & drink festival on September 5-6. If you are curious to find out what it takes to adopt a healthy low-carbon diet, come and meet us at the Living Planet Centre – the sustainable home of WWF-UK in Surrey.

But now, let’s explore what food bloggers around the world have been writing in the past 32 days!

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Laura Raccio

Social Media and Communication Support Officer – LiveWell for LIFE

The true cost of cheap food

Published: Food Policy Blog, 04 August

Nick Hughes, Food Sustainability Adviser at WWF-UK, takes us through recent food scandals involving major retailers, to make us reflect on the real cost we pay for cheap food.

Have A Break – Have A … Fruit?!

Published: Food Policy for Thought, 11 August

A recent graduate of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Policy Analysis, Janina unveils an unusual and healthy vending machine operating in Australia, offering a variety of fresh fruits.

Organic vs conventional and what fish has in common with organic whole milk

Published: Soil Association, 12 August

Marianne Landzettel, freelance journalist and writer, comments on a recent study published in the July edition of the British Journal of Nutrition which found that there is a difference between organic and non-organic fruit, veg and cereal crops.

Honeys on the Ark of Taste, A Sweet Defense of Biodiversity – Part One

Published: Slow Food USA, 26 August

Kate Corry-Saavedra, a food blogger, explains in this blog post why biodiversity is such of importance for the slow food movement and introduces us to the Ark of Taste, a living catalogue of delicious and distinctive foods facing extinction.

Summer Greek salad

Published: EyeCandyPopper, 11 August

My final pick is a classic Mediterranean recipe from ECP, a French Canadian eco-blogger promoting healthy eating and living.


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