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October 6th 2014

Sarah Halevy

Sarah Halevy

September has drawn to an end and autumn is truly upon us. In the coming months, the LiveWell team will be busy finalising the project’s recommendations which we’ll share with you at our conference in Brussels 11 December. This promises to be an interactive, fun and tasteful event! You can join us via Twitter on #LWevents14.

But luckily for us, autumn’s not just a busy work period; it’s a seasonal heaven for food lovers.

Wherever you choose to do your shopping, the shelves are stacked with an amazingly colourful variety of vegetables. Bright orange pumpkins, snow-white cauliflowers, a plethora of green from cabbages to spinach and broccoli to Brussel sprouts. And, let’s not forget juicy red apples, eye-watering onions and sweet blackberries.

Autumn harvest basket

Yes, comfy-food season might be upon us, but there’s no need to reach for those chocolate or biscuits!

So, whilst the stews are stewing or pies are pie’ing, sit back and enjoy my top food blogs from the previous month.

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The protein problem

Posted: Global Food Security 8 September

The Food and Agricultural Organization estimates that by 2030, there will be an annual increase of 1.5% in global meat production and 1.3% in global milk production. Jodie Clarke, Innovation programme officer at the Natural Environment Research Council, looks at alternative – and sustainable – sources of protein for animal feed and human consumption.

How research can banish water and food scarcity

Published: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation 9 September

It’s estimated that by 2030, half the world’s population will suffer from water scarcity. In this blog, Frank Rijsberman, CEO of the CGIAR Consortium, looks at the water-food-energy nexus and gives examples of how research can help meet the needs of the current and future generations.

A national cake for Scotland: can anyone beat Tunnocks’s?

Published: Word of Mouth 11 September

National identity expressed through cake isn’t your everyday blog topic. But, this is exactly what Rachel McCormack looks at in this blog. She explores the Catalan national day – which unusually marks defeat rather than victory – and the Diada cake shaped as the Catalan flag. And she asks what would Scotland’s national cake look and taste like?

The political power of food is also recognised by International Alert and embodied in ‘Conflict Kitchen London.’ The project gives people the chance to share and explore different types of cuisine, and ultimately facilitate conversation. Read more about Breaking bread for peace: conflict kitchen and cultural food diplomacy.

Delivering on climate smart agriculture

Posted: World Bank 24 September

Following the Climate Summit, Juergen Voegele, Senior Director, Agriculture Global Practice, World Bank, questions why the agricultural sector is stuck in ‘business as usual’ mode, and how the Global Alliance on Climate Smart Agriculture is a step in the right direction.

Simply cut the calories and lose weight? Wrong!

Posted: Huffington Post 30 September

In this blog, Dr Sally Norton, weight-loss consultant, surgeon and health writer, looks at how replacing processed food with ‘real’, locally-sourced options can boost your health, and help you lose weight! She also looks at FoodSwitch, a free app for smartphones that helps you find out what’s in the food you’re eating!

Who will babysit my sourdough starter?

Published: Short cuts 3 September

And as always: a culinary blog. This time we look at the essential topic of the sourdough starter and why it’s as important to care for as your pet when you go on holiday!

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