LiveWell call to action!

December 17th 2014


3395-LiveWellCallToAction-page-001On 11 December – at On our plate today: healthy sustainable diets – LiveWell for LIFE presented all conference delegates with our call to action: It’s time for the EU to act on food for people and the planet

The social, environmental and economic case for EU policy action on sustainable food production and consumption is clear. However, in spite of an in-depth public consultation on a sustainable EU food system in 2013 and the development of a comprehensive draft strategy in 2014, the Commission has failed to deliver strategic guidance in support of such action.

We would like the Commission to address this, and in order to make our voices heard, we invited our network to join us in urging the Commission to take action.

Thank you to everyone who signed our call to action. 

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Europe’s food system is broken. One third of food produced is thrown away. Food contributes to 30% of the European Union (EU)’s greenhouse gas emissions. Obesity in the EU has more than doubled over the last 25 years, adding a large economic burden on public health systems.

People in Europe care about food and where it comes from. Better food production and consumption will bring enormous environmental, social as well as economic gains. It’s now time to build a better food system that respects people and the planet’s boundaries.

Scientific experts, food chain industries, civil society organisations, trade unions and governments are coming together around the urgent need for EU policy action. The European Commission has so far refused to present its long-awaited proposal for an EU sustainable food strategy despite having earlier consulted the public on what it should include.

We jointly urge the European Commission to:

  • Present the Communication ‘Building a Sustainable European Food System’ within the first half of 2015.
  • Develop a clear EU policy strategy and implementation plan to build a sustainable, healthy and climate-friendly food system by 2030[1].
  • Facilitate cooperation between European stakeholders from different sectors to encourage the adoption of healthy and sustainable food consumption patterns.


[1] Taking action on all the 5 pillars explored in the European Commission Public Consultation on a Sustainable European Food System: Better technical knowledge on the environmental impacts of food; stimulating sustainable food production; promoting sustainable food consumption; reducing food waste and losses; improving food policy coherence. / European Commission Sustainable Food webpage:

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