Will ‘Team Juncker’ help build a sustainable European food system?

October 27th 2014

The LiveWell for LIFE project continues to engage with EU decision makers to build support for a healthier and more sustainable European food system. Clear policies are needed to achieve this; will the new Commission take a lead? On 22 October, after weeks of intense political discussion between the European Parliament and the proposed incoming… read more

Why a healthy, sustainable me is as easy as 1-2-3

October 16th 2014

As we celebrate World Food Day, let’s look at the reasons for having a healthy, sustainable diet in three easy steps. We’re all part of the global food system. The food choices I make are linked to the activities and choices available to the world’s family farmers who are at the core of this system…. read more

Eating our way to a healthy planet

October 13th 2014

At a time when European eating habits are responsible for around 30% of all greenhouse gas emissions related to consumption1, eating to reduce our impact is a simple yet powerful solution. In a country such as Switzerland, eating three climate-friendly meals per week can halve the CO2 emitted each year2. This accounts for one tonne… read more

Pick of the bunch – my favourite food blogs

October 6th 2014

September has drawn to an end and autumn is truly upon us. In the coming months, the LiveWell team will be busy finalising the project’s recommendations which we’ll share with you at our conference in Brussels 11 December. This promises to be an interactive, fun and tasteful event! You can join us via Twitter on… read more

Asking the right questions to promote a healthy diet

September 25th 2014

…food is more than itself. It is not everything, but it is touched by almost everything: memory, weather, dirt, hunger, chemistry, the universe…It is identity, and culture, and history. It is science, and nature, and botany. It is the earth. It is our family, our philosophy, our past. It is the most important matter in… read more

Newsletter September 2014

The weather is getting cooler and the leaves are changing colour; yes autumn is upon us. And in the weeks ahead, as the evenings draw closer, the LiveWell for LIFE team will be busy preparing our final conference! This will take place in Brussels 11 December and promises to be an exciting, interactive and tasteful… read more