May food blogs for thought

June 2nd 2014

May has come to an end, and what a busy month it was. The LiveWell team has been preparing for our third and final stakeholder workshop ‘Facilitating the adoption of healthy, sustainable diets in the EU.’ This will take place in Brussels 11-12 June and promises to be an exciting event – follow the proceedings… read more

The complexity of eating locally

May 26th 2014

The composition of our diet has always changed, as has how we define local cuisine. Perhaps the most significant change came about after 1492. Columbus discovered America and so began some of the biggest changes to our diet. Before then we did not have chocolate, tomatoes, chilli or potatoes in Europe, all which are –… read more

The LiveWell diet’s other footprints

May 19th 2014

Since the launch of LiveWell for LIFE, the team has been repeatedly asked: why do the LiveWell Plates only consider carbon footprint? There are a number of reasons for this. First of all, because carbon footprint life-cycle assessment was – at the start of the project – better developed than for example, that of water… read more

Learning to LiveWell by leading a sustainable LIFE

May 12th 2014

After three months of being an intern with LiveWell for LIFE, I’m two-days away from finishing my internship – an internship that has certainly changed the way I see food. Before my internship, my interest in and knowledge about the food industry centred on the animal welfare issues in factory farms. I owe the discovery… read more

Newsletter May 2014

May 8th 2014

Can you believe we’re only a few weeks away from LiveWell for LIFE’s third and final stakeholder workshop? ‘Facilitating the adoption of healthy, sustainable diets in the EU’ will take place in Brussels 11 – 12 June, and will be an opportunity for delegates to discuss the key findings of LiveWell’s work over the last… read more

Environmental labelling: a French experiment

May 7th 2014

The French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy has since 2010 engaged in a massive and unique environmental labelling experiment. By providing consumers with information about the carbon footprint and other environmental impacts of their purchases, the Ministry hope to nudge both consumers, producers and distributors towards a more resource efficient behaviour. Household consumption… read more

European Parliament prepares for the upcoming Sustainable Food Policy

In autumn 2013, a group of Members of the European Parliament established a cross-party Steering Group on Sustainable Food. On 2 of April this group – operating under the name EU Food Sense – organised a Sustainable Food conference in Brussels together with Feeding the 5000. The conference came at an important time, with the… read more

EAT – Stockholm Food Forum: a Davos for food

On 26-27 May 2014, EAT – Stockholm Food Forum will welcome participants from all over the world to set goals and guidelines for the future of food. This first annual forum will offer lectures and panel discussions featuring global leaders in the fields of science, politics and business; it’s a unique arena for interdisciplinary dialogue… read more

Food Vision: Innovative protein – what’s bugging you?

I recently had the opportunity to represent the LiveWell team at Food Vision, a high-level gathering of professionals – leaders in R&D, marketing and business strategy – with an interest in food innovation. The conference welcomed excellent speakers who covered various topics ranging from industry collaboration to customer engagement to the search for sustainable protein… read more

The importance of food diversity

May 6th 2014

Your dinner plate probably doesn’t include goosefoot, hopshoots, vervain, beremeal, medlars, Saltcote Pippin apples or Shetland black potatoes. But it could. These plants were once common British fare, and they grow here still. We simply don’t eat them. Nor do we eat the majority of the 30,000 edible plants growing on the planet today. For… read more