Adopting sustainable diets: opportunities and barriers

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At the recent LiveWell for LIFE stakeholder workshop, the multi-sectoral Network of European Food Stakeholders identified the key social and economic opportunities and barriers for adopting sustainable diets across Europe.

The six key opportunities and barriers are:


Invest in health People
Saving money People
Meeting societal expectations Business


Limited knowledge/confusion People
Habits People
Costs People

The report Adopting healthy, sustainable diets: key opportunities and barriers, summarises these findings and establishes a common ground on how sustainable diets can become the norm in different European socio-economic contexts.

For this report, LiveWell for LIFE adopted the triangle of change approach: a framework where people, businesses and government interact in a coordinated effort to move towards a more sustainable society. This approach recognises that all have a role to play – dependent on what each is best able and best placed to deliver.

The approach also demonstrates that the categories interrelate; opportunities for one stakeholder group – such as a growing interest in sustainable food and health – are relevant to another.

Going forward, stakeholders – with the support of LiveWell for LIFE – will use these findings to build a foundation for change and develop EU public policy options and pathways for practical implementation of sustainable diets in Spain, France and Sweden. The policy options and pathways will be the core of LiveWell for LIFE’s final recommendations in 2014.

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‘The broad interest in this LiveWell for LIFE workshop is very remarkable. Different stakeholders, from NGO’s to industrial companies, are represented and actively take part in the discussion. It is thereby clear that we all recognise the need for actions to be undertaken, not tomorrow but today. There is also a large willingness to get involved in changes.
Tessa Avermeate – KU Leuven

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Adopting healthy, sustainable diets: key opportunities and barriers

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