LiveWell for LIFE worked with members of the Network of European Food Stakeholders to reduce the impact food consumption has on the environment.

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To do this we:

  • Mapped what sustainable diets could look like for each pilot country

During 2012, LiveWell Plates were developed for each pilot country as sustainable diet case studies. LiveWell for LIFE consulted with the Network of European Food Stakeholders on the viability of these as tools to define and communicate sustainable diets in Europe at the first stakeholder workshop in September 2012.

Results from these activities were presented in A balance of healthy and sustainable food choices for France, Spain and Sweden launched in February 2013.

  • Investigated the barriers and opportunities for sustainable diets

LiveWell for LIFE investigated the social and economic challenges and opportunities for the adoption of sustainable diets across the EU. Members of the network were involved through one-to-one interviews and participation at the second LiveWell for LIFE workshop in March 2013.

Results from these activities were presented in Adopting healthy, sustainable diets: key opportunities and barriers launched in May 2013.

  • Build policy recommendations and practical pathways to implement sustainable diets

Throughout 2013 and 2014, LiveWell worked with members of the network to build policy options and pathways for practical implementation of LiveWell and sustainable diets. This was made possible through our third face to face workshop in June 2014 and our close one-to-one work with key stakeholders.

Results from these activities were presented in On our plate today: healthy, sustainable food choices launched in December 2014.