Who we are

LiveWell for LIFE was a partnership between WWF-UK, the WWF European Policy Office and Friends of Europe. The WWF offices in France, Spain and Sweden supported the partners’ work in the pilot countries.


WWK-UK and WWF European Policy Office are key members of the WWF global network.

WWF is the world’s leading independent conservation organisation. It creates solutions to the most important environmental challenges facing the planet so people and nature can thrive. This involves working with businesses, communities and governments in over 100 countries. Together, they are safeguarding the natural world, tackling climate change and enabling people to use natural resources sustainably.

WWF-UK’s work on food footprints from 2010 shows that we can significantly reduce our environmental impact by changing the balance of our diets. WWF-UK works with and influences key players in the UK food industry – including retailers, producers, food processors, governments and charities – to transform the way UK food is supplied. This involves looking at a variety of issues, including addressing what we eat, the way food is produced, how it is financed and the way the food sector is governed.WWF-UK is uniquely positioned to extend this strategic approach to sustainable development across the EU through the LiveWell for LIFE project, with a high level of credibility with governments and industry.

The WWF European Policy Office (WWF EPO) aims at shaping and influencing European policies and leadership to deliver change on the scale needed to halt and reverse the on-going devastation of planet Earth. WWF EPO, established in 1989, is the largest environmental NGO organisation in Brussels. It has developed influential relationships and a highly trusted profile in Brussels. It works as part of environmental and social representation platforms with the “Green 10” coordinating the ten leading environmental NGOs active at EU level and the Civil Society Contact Group (Act 4 Europe). It also sits on multiple working groups and roundtables, in partnerships with a wide range of economic actors in order to develop closer relationships between markets and policies.The LiveWell for LIFE project is of strategic importance for WWF EPO as current food consumption patterns are a major threat to our environment. Freshwater, biodiversity, forests, energy, climate and fish all are negatively impacted. Without a change in food consumption – and the related use of land – we will not be able to bring about change on the scale needed to halt and reverse the on-going devastation of planet Earth. 

Friends of Europe

Friends of Europe

Friends of Europe is an independent think-tank based in Brussels, working to stimulate new thinking on key issues facing the EU and its citizens. With members representing a balanced cross-section of influential stakeholders in Brussels and EU Member States, it provides an open forum for debate between EU-level and national policymakers, NGOs, business leaders, the media and civil society. Its activities offer opportunities for networking and discussion, and receive extensive media coverage.

Questions regarding energy security and the use of scarce resources, as well as the global challenge of climate change, top the political agenda in Europe and beyond. With this in mind, in 2010 Friends of Europe established the Greening Europe Forum as a multi-annual programme of activities focusing on the European and global policies needed for a smart and efficient transition to a green economy. It aims to become the leading independent platform for information, knowledge and debate on Europe’s transition towards a new low-carbon, resource-efficient model of prosperity and economic development.



The €2.07m project was partly financed with the contribution of the LIFE programme – the EU’s funding instrument for the environment. The general objective of LIFE is to contribute to the implementation, updating and development of EU environmental policy and legislation by co-financing pilot or demonstration projects with European added value.

The LIFE+ phase of the programme ran from 2007-2013 and had three programme components: LIFE+ Nature and Biodiversity, LIFE+ Environment Policy and Governance, and LIFE+ Information and Communication. LiveWell for LIFE was a LIFE+ Environment Policy and Governance project.