My grandfather raised chickens

February 17th 2014

My grandfather raised chickens. The whole family lived with my grandfather. We were all expected to help out; I was often in the chicken run. There are times I feel the chickens have greatly influenced my outlook. One thing I’m sure of is that chickens have personalities and are as contrary as people. They display… read more

Waste less food

February 10th 2014

One third of food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted. Food waste is in vogue at the moment. Some are taking real visionary steps to tackle this issue, just look at Tesco’s food waste strategy.  Tesco is identifying waste produced across the value chain, including the retail stage. By doing this, they’re acknowledging… read more

Taxation – an important but complex measure

February 2nd 2014

LiveWell for LIFE has identified eight policy recommendations which we believe can greatly support the adoption of healthy, sustainable diets. These were presented at ‘On our plate today: healthy and sustainable food choices’ which took place in Brussels 11 December 2014. This is the fourth blog in a series looking at these final recommendations. Here, Nick Hughes… read more

Six weeks on a LiveWell diet

January 21st 2014

LiveWell diet: good for the planet, good for your health and good for your wallet. In these times, who wouldn’t agree to that? As somebody who takes the environment seriously and as a mother of two, I’m definitely in, but will my kids and my husband, Mr H – who can be quite picky with… read more

More food, less waste

January 17th 2014

The Spanish Government has launched an ambitious campaign to reduce the almost eight million tonnes of food wasted every year. Following the request by the European Parliament for its Member States to develop action plans against food waste, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment has developed the ‘More food, less waste‘ initiative. The strategy… read more

The Meat Guide

October 21st 2013

It is becoming clearer and clearer that we need to eat less meat. But it’s less clear what kind of meat should we eat. The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences has attempted to address this issue through its Meat Guide. This compares different types of meat and other protein sources – except fish – and… read more

Measuring progress on better eating

October 3rd 2013

Despite a heavy under-staffing on sustainable food, the European Commission managed to launch a public consultation on sustainable food before the quiet Brussels summer. The LiveWell team is glad to see that the European Commission investigates food sustainability in an integrated way, looking into production, waste, consumption, but also improving knowledge and increasing policy coherence…. read more

Lab-grown meat: a long-term solution to an urgent problem

September 23rd 2013

Last August, the world of food crossed the Rubicon when the world’s first lab-grown meat patty was cooked and tested in London. Hailed by some – including Bill Gates – as the future of food, lab-grown meat technology was publicly dismissed by many others. In the UK, the Vegetarian Society and the British National Farmers’… read more