LiveWell at Nourish Scotland’s ‘Our Common Wealth of Food‘

September 19th 2014

Nourish ScotlandWhat would it take for everyone to eat well without messing up the planet?

This was the core question asked at ‘Our Common Wealth of Food’, a conference which took place in Glasgow, Scotland 16-17 October 2014.

There is enough food for everyone, yet people go hungry here in the UK and across the Commonwealth. Inequality, food poverty, and diet-related diseases are escalating. Meanwhile, family farmers across the world are being squeezed off the land. The food system is harming biodiversity and driving climate change. Faming is becoming dangerously unpredictable.

LiveWell for LIFE was delighted to take part in this event which explored the role we can play in making food fair for all. This was the fifth annual conference hosted by Nourish Scotland, and 350 people were expected to attend. Participants included a mix of government, food producers, community groups, universities and research institutes, NHS, schools and local government.

The Nourish conference heard first-hand what climate change, GMO crops, land grabs, and globalisation mean for farmers in India, Malawi, and the Caribbean; as well as the commonalities of their experiences with Scottish producers.

In the evening of 16 October – World Food Day – there was a debate chaired by the BBC Food Programme’s Sheila Dillon. Other speakers included Dr Terri Ballard (FAO) and Dr Tara Garnett (Food Climate Research Network).

For more information, please visit the Nourish Scotland website.

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