Third stakeholder workshop – Facilitating the adoption of healthy, sustainable diets in the EU

June 3rd 2014

The third LiveWell for LIFE stakeholder workshop took place in Brussels 11-12 June 2014. Here, members of the Network of European Food Stakeholders – in particular key policymakers from within EU institutions and ministries – meet to discuss the economic impact of adopting sustainable diets by 2020, as well as the implementation pathways and public policy options identified to facilitate the adoption of sustainable diets in the EU and the LiveWell pilot countries – France, Spain and Sweden.

11 June, 10.00-17.00 followed by a Café Crossfire Debate and a walking dinner
12 June, 08.30-14.15

Thon Hotel EU, Brussels

Lindsay Digneffe, Programme Manager, Friends of Europe

+32 2 893 98 22

Together with the Network of European Food Stakeholders, LiveWell aimed to identify and promote practices and policies that can help spread the adoption of healthy, sustainable diets across the EU. A wide adoption of the LiveWell principles and LiveWell Plate is expected to decrease greenhouse gas emissions from the food supply chain and result in added benefits for human health. LiveWell’s study – an economic impact assessment of sustainable diets in the EU – estimated that the avoided costs of obesity and related diseases that would result from the adoption of the LiveWell Plate by a large segment of population in the EU could range between €4.3 billion and €43.6 billion.

The objectives of the workshop were to:

• Update stakeholders on the status of LiveWell for LIFE.

• Stimulate discussions around the implementation pathways and policy options for the adoption of healthy, sustainable diets.

• Allow participants to share their experience around the implementation of key policies and initiatives.

• Enable stakeholders to prioritise the implementation pathways and policy options identified.

Participation was by invitation only, with just 50 places available. Participants included senior EU officials, government representatives, consumer and health organisations, food retailers, producers and processors, academics and NGOs.

Have a look at our workshop materials, available in English, French and Spanish.


Check out the Storify of the event to see what happened!


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