LiveWell debut at the Woking food and drink festival 2014

September 19th 2014

Woking Food and Drink Festival 2014LiveWell for LIFE was very pleased to be part of the second Woking Food and Drink festival, which took place 5-7 September in the west of Surrey, England.

On Saturday 6 September the Living Planet Centre – WWF-UK and the LiveWell UK team’s sustainable home – opened its doors for this tasty ‘feastival’ and welcomed almost 700 visitors with an appetite for change.

As part of the family-friendly ‘Fairtrade food and family quarter’, one of the greenest buildings in the UK hosted exhibitions and inspiring activities for children and grown-ups alike. Together with Woking Fairtrade, For the Love of, Woking Borough Council recycling and WWF-UK’s education team we explored healthy, sustainable living – which is not only good for our health, but looks after the planet too.

People at the FestivalIt was the first time LiveWell’s engaged directly with shoppers. We were delighted to introduce them to the concept of healthy, low-carbon diets and to the LiveWell Plate – a tool to define country specific sustainable diets. We showcased Food for Thought, Eat yourself healthy and the new and colourful shopping guide to lead the festival participants through their journey of discovery about the environmental impacts of food.

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