WWF UK One Planet Food Webinar: Tuesday 17 July 3.15 – 4.00pm

June 22nd 2012

Selling Sustainability? In search of the retail business case for sustainable diets

WWF’s One Planet Food Programme aims to reduce the global environmental and social impacts of UK food production and consumption. Ours and other’s analysis shows that western diets are unsustainable. If the world ate as we do we would need nearly three planets to feed us. Our appetite for meat and dairy, which is high by global standards, accounts for much of this oversized footprint.

Governments and retailers are well placed to shift meat and dairy consumption onto a more sustainable track. The political and retail business cases are intertwined, and retailers occupy a pivotal place in addressing this issue: Government can help to shape the competitive environment in ways that make it easier for retailers to promote sustainable consumption, while any action by retailers further strengthens the mandate for policy. Yet so far they have found the issue too hot to handle.

This webinar, building on the WWF/ Brook Lyndhurst report Selling Sustainability? In search of the retail business case for sustainable diets, will explore what retailers can do to drive change in consumption and what government needs to do to support them .

We welcome an expert panel for a lively discussion and invite you to join us.


  • Tony Cooke, Government Relations Manager, Sodexo


  • Mike Barry, Head of Sustainable Business, M&S
  • Tim Lang, Professor of Food Policy, City University
  • Dax Lovegrove, Head of Business and Industry Relations, WWF-UK

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