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November 4th 2014

Sarah Halevy

Sarah Halevy

The clocks have turned and Halloween is over – yes October has come to an end. We’re just over five weeks away from our final conference. On our plate today: healthy and sustainable food choices takes place in Brussels 11 December; if you’ve not yet registered please do get in touch!

Or if you wish, you can join us via Twitter on #LWevents14. We’ll also be livestreaming the event – watch this space!

But for now, just sit back and enjoy some of the best food blogs from October.

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Four Ways Other Countries Are Successfully Tackling Obesity. Take Note, America

Posted: The Huffington Post 1 October
Obesity figures are on the rise across the world, and today the health effects related to this claim more lives than hunger. In his blog, Mark Hyman, a medical doctor, looks at four interventions which can help countries curb this development:

  • Taxing soda and junk food
  • Clearly labelling healthy and unhealthy food
  • Ending sugar and junk food marketing to children
  • Providing only healthy foods in schools

Cars, cows and carbon

Posted: Global Food Security 6 October

Carbon is increasing; recent figures show an increase in CO2 in the atmosphere over the last year. In this blog, Professor Tim Benton, compares transport and livestock emissions and how – by changing patterns of consumption – we can change these emission trends.

To feed the future, manage seafood smartly

Posted: The World of Bank 9 October

Fish makes up over 16% of the world’s animal protein food supply, but the supply of wild-caught commercial fish species is not infinite. With this starting point, Susan Jackson, President of the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation, looks at how to maintain the sustainability of tuna fisheries around the world.

Read more about WWFs position on Seafood: responsibility and stewardship.

Spain gets taste for green as vegans, vegetarians and vegivores flourish

Posted: Word of Mouth 13 October

LiveWell for LIFE’s research has shown us that people in Spain need to eat less meat and more vegetables, cereals and nuts. But, although typically seen as an inherently carnivorous country, Trevor Baker, journalist and author, explains how things have changed over the last few years. Vegetarian and vegan restaurants are flourishing and the idea of eating less meat is increasingly becoming more common.

What’s your story? #TEDxWWF at @WWFEU in Brussels!

Posted: Food (policy) for thought 14 October

On 13 October, WWF European Policy Office – one of the LiveWell for LIFE partners – celebrated its 25th anniversary by playing host to TEDxWWF. The event gathered 300 people in the heart of the European capital and three live speakers talked about on how to live sustainably within the limits of one planet.
Janina Grabs, food blogger and now doing a traineeship at the DG (Directorate-General) Agriculture and Rural Development, was there.

To feed the future, we’re putting all hands on deck

Posted: The World Bank 15 October

To mark World Food Day, Juergen Voegele Senior Director, Agriculture Global Practice at the World Bank, looks at the steps the Bank taking to end hunger now and in the future.
For more information, why not read the LiveWell team’s World Food Day blogs: Meat the past, present and future? and Why a healthy, sustainable me is as easy as 1-2-3

Why we need to get serious about nutrition

Posted: World Economic Forum 31 October

In many parts of the world, hunger coexists with obesity. And to many it might come as a surprise that both are related to inadequate access to affordable, diverse and balanced diets. Jomo Kwame Sundaram, Assistant Director-General and Coordinator for Economic and Social Development at United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization, argues we need a food system that is more responsive to people’s needs.

A scientifically proven guide to ordering a delicious chopped salad every single time

Posted: Huffington Post 23 October

Ever wondered how to put a salad together? Well, look no further. Here’s the ultimate salad guide!

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