The Network of European Food Stakeholders

The Network of European Food Stakeholders and the LiveWell for LIFE project team worked together to reduce the impact food consumption has on the environment.

The network consisted of key stakeholders from across the European food supply chain, with a focus on stakeholders from the pilot countries: Spain, France and Sweden. A diversity of of views and interests were represented, allowing the issues to be addressed in a systemic manner.

Stakeholder participation

© 2012 Philippe Molitor/Gleamlight/Friends of EuropeMembers represent:National government departmentsFood retailers and processors

Members came from:

  • National government departments
  • Consumer-based organisations
  • Producer organisations
  • Research bodies and institutions
  • Non Government Organisations
  • EU-level stakeholders
  • International organisations

Members of the network were involved throughout the project’s duration. Its purpose was to enable coordinated and collaborative participation in the project. Stakeholder involvement was essential to LiveWell for LIFE; it ensured the solutions identified are achievable, appropriate and realistic.

Stakeholders were invited to participate in various ways, such as: 

  • Provide feedback on our research.
  • Help us identify opportunities and barriers to the adoption of the LiveWell Plate and sustainable diets across the EU.
  • Help us develop public policy options and practical pathways for implementing the LiveWell Plate and sustainable diets in the pilot countries and across the EU.
  • Disseminate the LiveWell Plate and the concept of healthy and sustainable diets.

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